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Tobacco oven

EMS&ECM:Tobacco oven

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Dongguan Huaxian Technology Electronics Co., Ltd. is a company specializing in high-end products, including SMT, DIP, PCBA OEM & ODM, and assembly service of electronic products. The factory has over 10 years of professional PCBA processing and manufacturing experience. SMT, FPC, DIP, conformal coating, testing, assembly, global component procurement, peripheral supporting one-stop service, full-automatic printing, SPI, AOI, X-Ray, aging and other comprehensive testing, dust-free workshop, lead-free process, committed to high-end customers.The main customer base is industrial control, medical treatment, Internet of things, new energy, security, automobile.

Why Choose Huaxian:
1、urnkey-Service: Product Design, Material Selection, Components Procurement, Production, Assembly, Shipment,After-sale Service.
2、Advanced Technology: Meeting minimum element 0201; BGA minimum 0.25mm, IC minimum spacing 0.25mm, POP surface mounting and various special-shaped devices surface mounting demand.
3、Quick Response: All inquiry emails replied in 24 hour, Quotation in 1-3 days, analysis and treatment the customer complaint within 3 days.
4、Intellectual Property Protection: signing a confidentiality agreement and never disclose the information to a third party without the permission of the client.