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How to identify whether SMT factory is reliable

2020-4-13 Frome:Dongguan Huaxian Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.

Today, I like to share with friends in the industry how we can select high-quality SMT factory. We usually call SMT patch processing factories as electronic manufacturing service industries. How to identify an SMT processing enterprise needs to consider from several aspects: first of all, we need to see whether the technology of this manufacturer is advanced, whether the service is high-quality, whether the quality is guaranteed, and whether the production machine is advanced Whether the equipment keeps up with the development needs, whether the inquiry for customers is timely and correctly, whether the product delivery time is on time, whether the processing fee is reasonable, and whether the environment is dedicated.

Generally speaking, the evaluation of a representative factory can not be completed by a single person. Generally, at least purchasing personnel or business personnel, engineering personnel and quality control personnel should participate in the evaluation together. Because each of them has different responsibilities, the face and focus of the evaluation will be different. Basically, the purchasing personnel and business personnel focus on the price and delivery time of products;

the engineering personnel focus on the technology, process capability and equipment,the quality control personnel focus on the quality control of products, the rest is the process capability evaluationn that everyone should pay attention to,repair capability, welding and repair capability of parts ,how to work with special-shaped parts, ability, integrity, how to work with packaging, how to work with disk packaging, how to avoid wrong materials.

whether there is circuit board design for customer reference, and whether there is the ability to provide circuit board design. Ability of solder paste to recover temperature, unpack and stock.

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